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Real Estate Thursday - Benefits of buying in the winter and more
Real Estate Thursday - Benefits of buying in the winter and more

Benefits of buying a home in the winter

Typically, home sales are strongest in the spring and summer months; however, there are several advantages to shopping for homes in the fall and winter. Sellers are often more motivated in the winter and may be willing to negotiate terms such as price, repairs, and even a closing date. The rule of thumb is that anyone braving the elements (or taking the time during the busy holiday season) to view a home is a serious buyer, and the same can be said for those who leave their homes on the market during this time and continue to have viewings.

Fewer buyers in the marketplace during these months mean less competition and a better chance of getting a home at a lower price. Also, potential buyers in the winter months have the luxury of spending more time researching homes without as much concern of losing a house to another party. When viewing a home in the cooler months buyers get a realistic idea of a home’s energy efficiency. Pay attention to the thermostat temperature and take note of any drafts in the home. Trees without leaves give potential buyers an accurate picture of the privacy (or lack thereof) from neighbors or the street.

Because the majority of moves take place in the warmer months, moving companies may be readily available when it comes to your desired move date and even flexible on their rates.

5 key items to minimize unpleasant surprises when selling your home

1 - Independent appraisal by a licensed appraiser.

2 - Preliminary title report will inform a homeowner of any liens that might be on the property.

3 - Inspection by local municipal building inspector(s) to advise of any building, code or zoning violations.

4 - Home Inspection. Having a licensed home inspector complete a professional home inspection will assist you, the homeowner, in making sure all mechanical systems are in good working order. A home in good work- ing order will sell faster than a home in need of repairs.

5. Plot Survey will notify a homeowner and prospective buyer of the actual lot lines of the property and will indicate any encroachments to the property.

Save money for renovations or home purchase ... even when dining out

1. Go for lunch instead of dinner, entrees are cheaper.

2. Eat earlier and take advantage of twilight specials or happy hour menus.

3. Skip drinks and opt for tap water.

4. Have dessert at home.

5. Look for coupons or discounts on weeknights.

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