Police in Fairfield seize illegal bath salts | News

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Police in Fairfield seize illegal bath salts

FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's a growing problem for law enforcement officials in Maine, a drug known as bath salts.

Police in Fairfield seized 165 packages of the synthetic stimulants and charged the owner of a local shop with unlawful trafficking. Investigators believe John Linscott was selling the packets to a steady stream of customers at his secondhand shop.

Fairfield police knew the owner of the shop called Bargains R Us was selling bath salts. Initially he was doing so legally.

After hearing the many horror stories of the impact on users, the Maine Legislature passed an emergency bill that took effect in July making bath salts illegal.

Police went to the shop and told the owner to stop selling them.

"It's troublesome that he would continue even after he was told he could no longer sell them because of the law, obviously he ignored that", said Police Chief John Emery.

Investigators say the packets have a street value of $75 each. They say the amount they seized from the shop totals about $12,000.


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