Photo Gallery | Parental abduction of two Waterville children by their mother

The Waterville Police Department is investigating the parental abduction of two children by their mother.  On Thursday, August 15th at 8:45PM, police were notified by the grandmother of 7-year-old Joslyn Retamozzo and 6-year-old Joel Retamozzo that the children’s mother, 34-year-old BethMarie Retamozzo had taken the children earlier in the day during a supervised visit.  Joslyn and Joel have been in the court-ordered custody of their grandmother for several years.  The visit during the afternoon was supervised by an individual who allowed BethMarie to take her children into a vehicle with the understanding that BethMarie, the children and the visit supervisor were going to meet at a park in Fairfield.  BethMarie did not show up at the park, and no one has seen her or the children since. This morning, the Waterville Police Department obtained an arrest warrant from the Kennebec Superior Court charging BethMarie with two counts of Class C felony Criminal Restraint by a Parent.  Those warrants have been entered into the National Crime Information Center computer system with a note that the Kennebec County District Attorney’s Office will extradite Retamozzo from anywhere in the United States to face those criminal charges. Based on information gathered by Waterville Detectives, it is believed that BethMarie Retamozzo has left the state of Maine, and may be either headed to New York or Florida.  Also based on the information gathered to date, investigators are concerned that Joslyn’s and Joel’s well-being is in danger.  At this time, police are not releasing further information about the specific nature of the threat to the children’s welfare. The Waterville Police Department has enlisted the assistance of the Maine Information Analysis Center (MIAC), the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, New York state law enforcement agencies and a number of other entities in an attempt to locate BethMarie Retamozzo and her children.  Anyone who believes they know the current whereabouts of BethMarie or her children are urged to call 9-1-1 and then call the Waterville Police Department at 207-680-4700.  

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